As the Detroit Red Wings commit to rebuilding, goaltender Petr Mrazek was the first domino to drop. Defenseman Mike Green could be the second one, as Green has talked with Wings management about signing off on a trade. Players were still processing Mrazek being traded to Philadelphia on Tuesday morning, as the move was finalized some 12 hours earlier. Wings general manager Ken Holland summed up the decision to trade Mrazek for a conditional fourth-round pick in the 2018 NHL draft and a conditional third-round pick in 2019 by explaining the Wings weren’t going to qualify Mrazek at $4 million, and so they opted to get something rather than lose him for nothing. “There are not a lot of teams looking for goalies,” Holland said. “In the last few days Philadelphia had a couple injuries to their goaltenders. The ultimate goal here is to build a team that can compete for a Stanley Cup. Given the rules of the (collective bargaining agreement), it really is a draft-pick league, and I’m trying to acquire more draft picks and give our scouting staff more opportunities to find the types of players that we need to be to be the team we envision down the road.” The Wings had to retain 50 percent of Mrazek’s deal, but they stand to improve in the draft if the Flyers do well. The fourth-round pick moves to a third-round pick if Philadelphia qualifies for the playoffs and Mrazek wins five games for Philadelphia by the end of the season. If the Flyers advance to conference finals and Mrazek wins six games in the first two rounds, it moves to a second-round pick. The Wings get a third-round pick on the condition the Flyers re-sign Mrazek. With Mrazek gone, the Wings called up Jared Coreau to serve as backup, though he might be sent back to Grand Rapids before Monday.Once the trade deadline passes, a team only has four call-ups the rest of the regular season. Calling him up now will reward him for how well he has played of late — he’s coming off back-to-back road shutouts with the Griffins — and gives him a chance to play Saturday against Carolina. (The Wings visit the Rangers on Sunday, and Howard typically plays well at Madison Square Garden.)