The way gets tougher from here because the Red Wings are about to be on the road, a lot. They certainly could have managed a better lead-in to the next 22 games, which will be played in 48 days, including 14 road games, two trips to western Canada, one to California and one each to Phoenix and Colorado, all before the end of the season. Garnering just one out of four points against an injured, lowly Blue Jackets team was not a good segue to heading off to face the Flames, Oilers and Canucks over the next six days. "It was tough," said Henrik Zetterberg, after the Wings' compounded an embarrassing loss in Columbus on Saturday with a less than vigorous effort against the Blue Jackets at home Sunday. "We wanted to get two points." But the captain put out the call for regrouping, beginning with a day off today and then a practice before hitting the road to Alberta. 'A tough stretch' "I think before these two games we were on a little bit of a roll," Zetterberg said. "We've been up and down, and I think when we're doing the right things, we are playing well. We just have to keep doing that. "We're into a tough stretch, here, a lot of road games, and our record on the road has got to be better." Going 0-3-2 against the Blue Jackets was not the way the Wings would have drawn up the season series against a weaker divisional rival. But they cannot go back now. They have left those and more points "on the table," after 25 games of a 48-game schedule. And it seems they wake up every morning about a point or three out of third and a point or three out of 11th. From The Detroit News: