What does it all mean for the Red Wings, trade deadline 2018? It means they are rebuilding and not going fast enough, with enough results. Signs of some acceleration and greater effect are perceptible. But the reconstruction still lags. They became sellers in 2018, just as they were in 2017, and did a nice job of collecting cherished and critical draft picks, the resources integral to rebuilding given the state of the personnel rules. This year, by trading Petr Mrazek and Tomas Tatar, they also have finally begun moving out some salary. That is a good, but overdue, development. Meanwhile, Mrazek and Tatar were producers, and far from the top choices for the rummage sale the Wings are best advised to endure. But some fans are learning what management already knew: Beggars cannot be choosey. Given the state of the Red Wings’ roster, the measure of talent and performance compared to their contracts, there might well have been some pleading in recent days. Previous decisions management made to lock up several players at generous salary and term, even as the need for a reconstruction loomed, have made the remodeling project more difficult. It contributes to guys like Mrazek and Tatar going first, because they attract the best offers. As Mike Babcock said over the weekend, “It’s called ‘trade’ deadline. So, it’s not like Christmas where someone drops off gifts.” That reality led to the hope the Red Wings would have handled their goaltending situation better, beginning in the summer of 2016.