Red Wings coach Mike Babock said he thought the coaching staff did enough to let the team know the Blackhawks weren't going anywhere after going down 3-1 in the series. As he also said today at the team's media availability, it's apparent his team didn't listen. The Blackhawks entered Game 5 with a sense of urgency and more or less dominated the entire 60 minutes, finishing with a 4-1 win to push the Western Conference semifinals back to Detroit for Monday's Game 6. "I think it was a real good message for our team," Babcock said of the Game 5 loss. "We thought we had done a pretty job job expressing that prior to the game but obviously in our play it didn't show. So we've talked about that here today, but more so we've talked about what we have to do." Babock said the Blackhawks are playing are "competing to stay in it," something he saw firsthand when the Blackhawks came out aggressive and more efficient on the power play. And since he and the coaching staff know what the President's Cup trophy winner are capable of, finishing the series will come down to the Red Wings making more plays. "It's great that [the Blackhawks] played good, but we didn't do anything. And I'm not trying to take anything away from Chicago. So we've got to play hard, we've got to play more desperate, we've got to be more organized, we've got to be more detail-orientated."