Jordin Tootoo got a warm welcome from his former team, and even scored a goal. The only thing missing was a victory. Tootoo netted his first goal of the season Tuesday at Bridgestone Arena, a place he called home for eight seasons until signing with the Detroit Red Wings last summer. The Wings wound up losing, 4-3 in overtime. Tootoo was celebrated with a video tribute by the Predators. "It's very humbling," he said. "I couldn't thank them enough for all their support over the years. I played here for eight years, so for them to do something like that is pretty special." Tootoo made it 2-2 midway through the third period when his intended pass went in off Kevin Klein's skate. "You are not going to score pretty goals in this league nowadays," Tootoo said. "It's all about grinding down low, getting to those second or third chances, and getting bounces." His former coach noted how well Tootoo played. "I thought Toots had good energy," Barry Trotz said. "He got his first goal of the season. I thought he had a good game. I'm happy for Toots. He's playing his regular Jordin Tootoo game." Tootoo's own coach, Mike Babcock, echoed those thoughts, saying, "I thought he played great. He liked being here. They treated him well and he grew as a man here. He has got a lot of fond memories in Nashville and I hope by the time he's done in Detroit, he'll have a lot of fond memories of Detroit."