Turnovers have led to opponents scoring relatively easy goals against the Detroit Red Wings too often lately. “We’re not the type of team right now with what we have that we’re going to recover from turning the puck over,” coach Mike Babcock said after Saturday’s practice at Joe Louis Arena. “People can say, ‘Oh, you’re bad defensively.’ Well, we weren’t bad defensively. There’s no defense for turnovers. “It’s puck plays that give it to us two nights in a row. They’re just freebies.” Captain Henrik Zetterberg said the players just have to take care of the puck. “It’s not the structure … that’s killing us, it’s the turnovers,” Zetterberg said. “Executing on passes and stuff like that. The last game, we played real well. All of a sudden, two shifts in the third, plays that shouldn’t happen and it’s in our net. Especially now when we don’t have the lineup that we’re used to having, we really have to make sure that we’re doing all the little things right and if you do that it’s easier for us to win games. “Teams don’t have work as hard for their goals as we have to do to get our goals. Some of that happens over the course of a season. You won’t have the bounces with you every time. In the same way, you deserve your own bounces too.