It's spring, and you know what that means! Depressing injury news that takes all the life out of the season before it even begins! Okay, maybe I'm being a bit too dramatic. So far, we've only had one gunshot wound! And the lightning that hit Jacoby Ellsbury's plane didn't actually do any harm (at least to him), so all things considered we're off to a good start. Still, we've got our first actual in-camp injury to deal with, and some other less negative news too. Let's get to it: Clay Buchholz is the first victim of camp, pulling up with a hamstring strain while covering first base in the very first round of pitcher fielding practice. Of course. Still, while the Red Sox can hardly afford to be losing starting pitchers, it sounds like they won't have to deal with that just yet. John Farrell and the team doctors seem to think that the injury is minor, and given that there's still plenty of time left until opening day, it hardly seems likely to set him back at all. At least not until it turns out he was actually hit by a bus or something. That's just how Red Sox injuries work.