The Red Sox added hitting coach Tim Hyers and assistant hitting coach Andy Barkett to Alex Cora’s coaching staff on Saturday, per a team announcement. Hyers is fresh off of a two-year stint as the Dodgers’ hitting coach and director of Minor League hitting, while Barkett recently completed a one-year gig as the Pirates’ Triple-A manager. Hyers, 46, played first base for the Padres, Tigers and Marlins during the mid-1990s. His major league career flamed out after just four seasons, but he picked up a gig as a hitting coach for the Tigers’ Single-A affiliate in 2002 and later served as an area scout, minor league hitting coordinator and interim coach for the Red Sox. He broke into the majors again when the Dodgers hired him in 2016 and helped the team to two playoff appearances. “I’m a hitting coach at heart,” he told the Rockdale/Newton Citizen back in August, several weeks before the Dodgers started trudging through a two-week slump. “I don’t want to manage. I love working with hitters. I like the grind, the ups and downs. I was that type of player. I grinded through my career and had some good times and bad times. All players go through it and you’ve got to keep working, trust the process. One big thing is keeping it simple, but also not forgetting about who you are as a player. A lot of them want to do too much. It’s about not forgetting who you are and sticking with your strengths.” Barkett, 43, lasted several months as an infielder/outfielder for the 2001 Pirates before capping his career in the majors.