Better hurry if you plan to say hello to Andrew Cashner, the cherry on top of Dave Dombrowski’s quarter-billion dollar garbage plate, because soon it will be time to say goodbye.

The same could be true for the man who brought Cashner to the first, ahem, pennant race of his career.

The lone gift under Red Sox manager Alex Cora’s tree before the trading deadline, Cashner basically threw two types of pitches during his brief eternity on the mound Sunday afternoon at sun-splashed Fenway Park: belt-high strikes over the middle of the plate and balls not all that close to the strike zone.

Cashner is on record as saying he’s “not much of a numbers guy.” Good thing because the numbers he’s put up for the Red Sox since the Orioles unloaded him have been more crooked than a sociopath politician.

Sure, the sweaty blond mullet that crawls down his neck is a good look and all, but it doesn’t seem to have a Sampson effect.

Cashner, Dombrowski’s hired gun, has fired blanks since coming to the Red Sox for a pair of teenagers. Making the changeup a bigger part of his approach, Cashner did the best work of his shaky career with the Orioles this season. The league adjusted to his new approach, it seemed, just as the Red Sox decided to trade for him. Timing is everything in life.