Who wouldn't want to have Manny Machado? This is a 25-year-old who has played in 156 or more games and hit 33 or more homers in each of the past three seasons, finishing in the Top 5 of American League MVP voting in two of those seasons. And defensively, he can be slotted into third base or shortstop and immediately considered one of the best defensive players at either of those respective positions. So when MLB.com's Jon Morosi tweeted that the Red Sox were "showing continued trade interest in Manny Machado" Friday night, it was understandable that it got the attention of fans in these parts. While most still consider J.D. Martinez the logical solution to the Sox's power shortage, this would be perceived as an intriguing, outside-the-box alternative. Don't hold your breath. According to multiple sources familiar with the situation, it would be misrepresenting things to suggest the Red Sox are on the doorstep -- or pounding on the door -- when it came to their engagement with the Orioles regarding Machado. The notion of Machado coming to Boston has always seemed like an awkward fit, and it has nothing to do with the 2017 feud between the infielder and the Sox' organization.