Jon Heyman has a quote from a rival GM saying that the Red Sox are out to make a big move, and could end up playing in what appears, at the moment, to be a bit of a depressed market for Josh Hamilton. The Hot Stove has news, the Hot Stove has rumors, and then the Hot Stove has speculation. It's worth noting that this, of course, is entirely speculation. There is no news that the Red Sox are talking to agents, no rumors about the team putting Hamilton at the top of their priorities. Just the impression that the Red Sox are very active, looking to make a "big move," and have their fingers in just about everything that's happening in free agency market. As Heyman mentions, the Sox have largely taken themselves out of the contest for Zack Grienke's services, which leaves Hamilton as the one really scary name out there when talking about players who could send the Red Sox right back down the unfortunate path they just escaped from. He's big money, could be big years, and comes with big risk given his personal demons.