Time to stock up on patience. And Band-Aids. “It’s like learning to ride a bike,” Bob Hartley, coach of the Calgary Flames, said. “Right now, we’re scraping our knees and elbows big-time.” The scab-count grows near-nightly as the Flames, with their youthful mix, take more late-game spills. The most recent, of course, being Tuesday’s collapse against the visiting Boston Bruins. Here on Thursday are the Carolina Hurricanes (7 p.m., The FAN 960, Sportsnet West). Which means another chance to go for a spin. Or another chance to jam a stick into your spokes. “I’m very confident we’re going to get on that big bike,” Hartley continued, “and we’re going to start rolling and we’re going to be good. Part of this is a lack of maturity, a lack of experience, at this level. We’re learning.” For the coaching staff, though, it’s like playing Whac-A-Mole. As soon as Hartley hammers out one deficiency, another pops up. (“We just change the pain,” he said, chuckling.) Not long ago, it had been the Flames’ sluggish starts that were most worrisome.