Because he was a member of the St. Louis Blues last season, Penguins winger Ryan Reaves will not accompany the team to the White House on Oct. 10. If Reaves — who’s black and a dual citizen of Canada and the United States — did have a choice to make, he said he would not go. “Probably not, no,” Reaves told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Wednesday morning. Why not? “I don’t know,” Reaves said. “I just wouldn’t. I don’t agree with things. I don’t agree with certain things that [President Donald Trump] stands for or he says.” The Penguins re-confirmed on Sunday that they would indeed make a trip to the White House. President Trump suggested this weekend that NFL owners should fire players who kneel in protest during the national anthem. The Penguins say they’ll make the trip not for any political reasons, but out of respect for what the White House represents. Reaves understands that, but because his ethnicity, he finds himself in a difficult spot.