The Winnipeg Jets might be losing the Florida Panthers as geographical division rivals. If you were unable to check out the Hot Stove on Hockey Night in Canada this past Saturday night, you missed out on an interesting update on the proposed realignment of the NHL over at This is a pretty big difference from the previous proposed realignment, as there used to be 16 teams in the West as opposed to the East. The Detroit Red Wings and Columbus Blue Jackets end up moving East, and the Colorado Avalanche jump over to fill the void created by the departure of those two teams in 'Western Conference 1', which the Jets would be a part of. The other interesting talk to come out of this proposal is the idea of some sort of "wild-card" playoff system that would help the two divisions with 8 teams even out their chances to make the playoffs. Recall that the top 4 teams in each of the divisions would make the playoffs. While the reports suggests that this wild-card format has not been decided upon but it might make for some interesting crossovers or play-ins.