Let's put it this way: Nobody looks better when he's getting ejected from a game than Bryce Harper.

Harper was ejected for the 12th time in his career in the Philadelphia Phillies' 5-1 loss to the New York Mets on Monday, but at least it was a display of modern art worthy of a showing at the Guggenheim. Consider the mechanics of this particular ejection:

(1) It came four batters after Harper had been called out on strikes in the top of the fourth inning. Like a carefully crafted movie script, he let the tension build until the moment called for some action.

(2) He let Phillies manager Gabe Kapler spring first out of the dugout, creating added tension and confusion as to what exactly was going on.

(3) Harper, in his fury to charge after umpire Mark Carlson, slipped on the dugout steps. This could have been a disastrous moment for Harper and the Phillies, a freak injury if he had twisted an ankle or knee.

(4) Kapler shoved him out of the way before Harper could get to Carlson. Again, maybe a lucky break for the Phillies, given that Kapler is maybe the only manager with the appropriate upper-body strength to hold off Harper.

(5) Harper went out with a blaze of glory, continuing to yell and point toward Carlson, with his magnificently coiffed hair on full display.

OK, more seriously, it's not all fun and games when you lose your No. 3 hitter midway through what was a 2-1 game against a key division opponent. Harper admitted as much after the game.