We’re well into the NBA’s August-September “dead zone” at this point. Training camp won’t start for a little less than a month and the start of the regular season still is almost two months away. In fact things are so dead that we’ve reached the point where Richard Hamilton’s name has become relevant again We’re going to leave the Houston Rockets aside for a moment as I don’t find their presence in that report nearly as hilarious as the New York Knicks. In what apparently is an effort to assemble the oldest most fragile team in history they may sign Rip Hamilton. Rip Hamilton. Excuse me for a moment. (Uncontrollable laughter.) (Still laughing.) OK we’re back. Sorry about that. It’s just that Rip Hamilton went from “kind of OK when he isn’t hurt” for 2011-12 and the beginning of last year to ”bad enough that he barely got minutes down the stretch and in the playoffs even when seemingly half the Chicago Bulls’ roster was hurt.” So there’s that.