The Detroit Lions made a big move to trade for Michael Brockers this past offseason, and going from a first-place team like the Los Angeles Rams to a last-place team could be tough for some to fathom or deal with.

Even though that’s the case, Brockers has long shown that he is ready to move on and make a new impact for his new team. Recently, Brockers showed how much of the case that was given a brand new hype video he revealed ahead of the 2021 season and the start of offseason workouts.


Brockers shows what he has been up to this offseason and some of the training he has done, and shows just how excited he is to be able to be putting his craft to use for the Lions. Watching this, it’s tough not to be excited about Brockers and what he can bring to the team. He’s been vocal about his excitement already, which is very cool to note indeed.