Lions running back Reggie Bush was a guest on NFL Network's "NFL AM" program Friday. Here are some of the highlights: On his role in the Lions' offense: "As far as from the offensive perspective, it's a lot like what we did in New Orleans when I was with the New Orleans Saints. So it's a lot of spread-open passing. Obviously we can attack downfield and with the running game; a lot of screens and draws and stuff like that. Basically everything I did in New Orleans, so learning this offensive system has been pretty easy for me. "Just learning the terminology and stuff, and getting acclimated, but it's been exciting. I'm so excited to be there in Detroit and hopefully can help restore some greatness in the team." On how he's found the attitude of his new teammates: "It's good. Everybody is in there working hard; all of the players are in there building chemistry. It's really a fun-filled atmosphere; we work out, we have a good time, we go out and run some plays and stuff on the field. "The atmosphere is really positive and obviously anytime you have a season like they had last year, that's one of the first things that you worry about is the attitude of the players. Everybody is there, everybody is working hard and everybody seems to have a really positive attitude about going into this season." On the team's reaction to former receiver Titus Young's recent arrests: "We kind of talk about it as players. We just talk about how hopefully he can get some help. Obviously he's an amazing talent, a great player, but hopefully somebody can get to him and help him. Just bring him back.