According to a report from Amber Ryland of Radar Online a razor company called has offered former Giants closer and current Dodgers setup man Brian Wilson $1 million to shave his trademark beard. "His management feels we need to match his present salary of $1 million at a minimum" said co-founder and president Philip Masiello. "Over the weekend and continuing today we have been in discussions with his management at MVP sports to finalize the terms under which Brian would participate in a beard shaving promotion and endorsement. The discussions commenced Friday and are continuing through today." Wilson has been wearing his at first funny but now inane beard since San Francisco's run to the 2010 World Series. The 31-year-old missed most of last season and this season following his second Tommy John surgery but the Dodgers signed him a few weeks ago and recently added him to the active roster bringing the beard back into the public eye. "His beard is iconic we are in the quality razor industry and want to partner with other shaving icons to show how great our product is. If it can tackle shaving a beard like his it can work wonders on the average man" Masiello continued. "We are a young company out to change the shaving industry and have not done anything like this before and would be honored to have Brian be our first."