Reliever Jose Alvarado is close to rejoining the Rays and outfielder Tommy Pham said he expects to be back in the lineup as soon as Tuesday despite ongoing soreness in his right hand that includes a small fracture.

Pham was not in the lineup for Monday’s 10-4 win over the Padres and lefty starter Joey Lucchesi.

He has been limited since spraining his right hand sliding into second base In Toronto July 28, and 5-for-30 since. Manager Kevin Cash said before Monday’s game the Rays were waiting for second opinions from several doctors they asked to review imaging of the injured area.

“He’s not feeling great,’’ Cash said. “It’s not ideal. We know he’s playing through some discomfort and some pain. It’s just a matter that we want to confirm that we’re doing the right thing by allowing him to continue to play so we’re waiting on that feedback.’’

But Pham said after the game he is taking medicine to address the swelling and can tolerate the pain to resume playing with no plans to end up on the injured list to get extended rest.