Erik Spoelstra began by praising how veteran guard Ray Allen manages to "redefine and reinvent" himself through his 18 seasons. But sometimes it comes down to appearances. And that's what has made Allen at 38 nothing short of eye-catching during training camp at this resort-turned-gymnasium. "What I like and it's interesting about Ray is he continues to redefine and reinvent" Spoelstra said Wednesday after leading the Heat through the second of four days of workouts at Atlantis. "And now he's lighter less body fat than what he was last year during the Finals. I believe this is about as light as he's been since he's in college. "And you look at him right now shirt off he has the physique of a player in his early 20s. So he continues to find ways to remain relevant even at his age." Whether it has been center Chris Andersen coming back 10 pounds lighter to center Greg Oden working off 30 pounds Spoelstra has raved about his players' conditioning. Spoelstra also cited Dwyane Wade for similar strides. "He's extremely fit" he said Wednesday with the veteran guard returning from his playoff knee woes. "He's had a great camp so far. He hasn't missed a turn. You can see it in his physique." Said Wade "I feel good but obviously training camp breaks your body down and you've got to build it back up. Right now it's about breaking it down and building it back up. We're breaking it down; I can't wait until we're building it back up." Spoelstra said it was early "It's about getting in real basketball five-on-five condition" he said. "But if you're not in shape and you're trying to get in shape in camp it doesn't work." Deflecting Oden Spoelstra basically said to stop asking about when Oden might begin contact work as he returns from a three-season layoff due to knee issues. "He did some of the pre-practice a little bit of the practice" Spoelstra said of Oden's participation Wednesday. "But we were mostly getting after it. So that stuff we held him out of." Spoelstra continues to avoid timetables. "It's day-by-day that's how we're viewing it" he said. "The most important thing is getting his body strong healthy. We'll work on conditioning as we go. It's not even going to be an issue of a day-to-day report with him. You can get that out of your mind. We're looking at this big-picture wise. Every day we meet and we make a decision then."