Major League Baseball received a flurry of mixed reactions to its memo detailing stricter enforcement of its rules banning pitchers from using foreign substances on baseballs.

While players have debated the virtues and side effects of the league’s new regulations, Tampa Bay Rays left-hander Rich Hill puts the blame on the MLB Players Association.

“I think this falls on the P.A., the players association,” Hill told reporters Wednesday. “This is where they dropped the ball. I think that this is where something should have been done. The players association had the opportunity to work with MLB, and MLB used their strong hand to put it on the players.

“And that’s unfortunate that this is what happened. I feel like a rule change in the middle of the season is very difficult for everybody across the league.”

Hill wished the union more actively got involved with the league on the topic, “settled this and handled it like professionals.”

Hill spoke one day after his teammate, right-hander Tyler Glasnow, blamed the heavier enforcement — which goes into effect Monday — for injuries he sustained this month in his pitching elbow.