Tuesday's game with the Baltimore Orioles at Ed Smith Stadium did not include any towel mishaps for Tampa Bay Rays LHP David Price, because Price avoided contact with the tricky linen. "I didn't towel myself off between innings," Price said after his 3 2/3-inning stint. "It was hot. I kind of let (the sweat) dry on me." It was his neck that Price strained while toweling off his head in between innings of his last outing and caused him to be the punch-line of many jokes within the Rays clubhouse and the national media. But everything is fine now, though manager Joe Maddon wondered before the game if the Orioles would tamper with the towels stacked in the Rays dugout. "If we're playing with rouge towels, it could be a concern," Maddon said. "You never know if the Orioles threw a little extra towel hardener in there or they may have attached some Velcro to the towels."