It took nearly four hours, but the Tampa Bay Rays held on to beat the Minnesota Twins in 10 innings this afternoon. The Rays were ahead almost the entire game, but Jim Patterson (...who?) allowed five runs in the bottom of the ninth to allow the Twins to tie it. Leslie Anderson and Mark Thomas drove in three runs in the top of the 10th, though, and the Rays won the game by a final score of 10-7. I don't have too much to share about today's game, as it wasn't televised and I was only able to listen to the first half of the game. But I'll see what I can do... Chris Archer started the game off throwing heat. His fastball was averaging around 95-97 MPH, and the Rays radio team kept calling it "easy heat". Pitchers generally start off the season slower than their average speed, as their arm isn't at full strength yet, but that obviously wasn't an issue for Archer in his first appearance of the spring. He mainly threw fastballs -- maybe mixed in a few sliders -- but he was primarily working on getting his fastball over.