Ray Lewis is many things to many people. To Marvin Lewis, he is the greatest player he has ever coached. To the people of Baltimore, he is a modern day icon much in the way that Johnny Unitas was to Colts fans in the 1950s. To Chad Johnson, he is a spiritual and veteran mentor. To Greg Wilson, he is a murderer. With all great players and figures, there are often two sides. Very rarely though have they been as diametrically opposed as they are with Lewis, whose 17-year NFL career ends Sunday in Super Bowl XLVII when his Baltimore Ravens take on the San Francisco 49ers. His legions of supporters will tell you that he is the greatest linebacker who ever played the game and point to his spirituality and his dealing with adversity. And then there is the other side who demand answers to what happened on the night of Jan. 30, 2000, outside an Atlanta nightclub where two people were stabbed to death.