Ray Lewis III's voice has a familiar poise and confidence. Like his father, he can roll words off his tongue with ease. Being at ease in the moment is part of being Ray Lewis' oldest son. The NFL Ray will lead the Baltimore Ravens against the San Francisco 49ers during the Super Bowl XLVII tonight. He has passed on many gifts to his children. The ability to remain calm in a harsh spotlight is one of many that has been tested during the past two weeks. Television networks constantly blast stories about Ray Lewis the former Miami Hurricane, Ray Lewis the man who was once in the middle of a double-murder trial, Ray Lewis the man who does those crazy field entrances before every game, Ray Lewis the philanthropic revolutionary, Ray Lewis the preacher and Ray Lewis the man linked to performance-enhancing drugs. They seem to always forget Ray Lewis the father. "It's different, he's always been in the spotlight, but now it's Ray Lewis, Ray Lewis, Ray Lewis, Ray Lewis … all the time," said Ray Lewis III, who is a top-notch athlete in his own right at Lake Mary Prep and will begin his career at the University of Miami this summer. "Now it's questions, questions, questions … normally those questions are spread out, but with all this focus on him now, all the questions are coming at one time."