If you spent most of the 2014 NFL Draft screaming at the Browns for not drafting a wide receiver you weren't alone. Lots of us felt they missed the boat. Cleveland GM Ray Farmer isn't in that camp though; Farmer thinks there “are plenty of opportunities” for the Browns to find wideouts moving forward. "I would tell the fans that are in panic mode because we didn't draft a wide receiver is that patience really tells the tale,'' he said. "There are plenty of opportunities for us to address what everyone would believe is a need but in our opinion, there is plenty of opportunity to add players, to change the roster and to really make a difference.'' There's something to be said for a GM who can cooly address the public about a serious deficiency that went completely unaddressed during the draft. Most of the consternation comes from Josh Gordon, who is reportedly facing a year-long suspension from the league for failing another drug test. It's entirely possible that Gordon doesn't end up missing any time. But just the very possibility that he could miss an entire year and leave the Browns in the lurch makes it worth drafting a wideout -- any wideout -- during the draft. Cleveland has Greg Little and Andrew Hawkins on the roster as well and Jordan Cameron's a potential stud tight end.