The proximity is what soothes Ray Allen the most. When he wanted to fish before moving here, it was somewhat of a process getting to a nearby body of water. Now, he just walks out the backdoor. "I actually live right on the ocean," said Allen, who lives in Coral Gables. "I caught a puffer fish the other day. I threw it back it in. You don't want to eat that, poisonous, toxic. He's got those teeth and he's clamping down. It's great." It is indeed great for Allen these days. He's living in a city with beautiful weather, entering the twilight of a Hall of Fame career and playing for the favorite to win this season's NBA title. So all the noise about him being unhappy how things ended with the Boston Celtics is a thing of the past. He recently vented his frustrations only to explain his side, but would rather focus on the newfound opportunity with the Miami Heat. The season-opener against his former team Tuesday is more about moving forward than looking back. "Any team that I went back to [play], I never was emotional," said Allen, who also played in Milwaukee and Seattle.