As far as we know, the Heat never tried to use Ozzie Guillen to recruit Ray Allen. It was more than enough for the NBA's career 3-point shooting leader to feel the Twitter love from LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Getting wined and dined by Pat Riley, Alonzo Mourning and Co. didn't hurt either. That's how the Heat was able to sign Allen for the mid-level exception of $3.1 million, or roughly half of what Allen would have made per year by remaining with the storied Celtics franchise he represented so well over the past five seasons. Yet as Allen negotiated those pangs of guilt about abandoning the other members of Boston's Big Three — plus rumored annoyance Rajon Rondo — he could have merely considered the words Ozzie uttered recently. On the subject of Money vs. Rings, the Marlins manager has long held that rings can't feed your family, can't buy you a new boat and that sort of thing. Yet, while watching the Heat's victory parade on television a few weeks ago, Ozzie was overcome with emotion. He was inspired. To the point, in fact, that he reconsidered his old saw about championships somehow being overrated when placed next to cold, hard cash. "Seeing the Miami Heat win was inspiration for me," Ozzie said recently. "I saw those guys in the parade, I got jealous. I wanted to be there. I wished I was the coach." This, mind you, was coming from a man with two rings since his playing career ended. He was the Marlins' third-base coach in 2003. Two years later, as a second-year manager for the White Sox, Ozzie was fitted for another ring. "That's my inspiration for the rest of my career here in Miami," Ozzie said. "Hopefully I feel the same way they feel, having the parade with everybody around. That's a feeling nobody can take away from you."