NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah caused quite a stir Tuesday when his newest mock draft projected the Ravens using the 16th overall pick on Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma’s Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback. The selection prompted a range of reactions among Ravens fans, from those who were excited and love the idea to those who hated it to those who felt Jeremiah was just trying to get attention by making an outlandish connection. Let’s get one thing out of the way: Jeremiah is not the click-bait type. He’s a well-respected evaluator and analyst. He is connected throughout the league and has many friends in the Ravens organization from his time here working as a scout. He obviously projected the Ravens taking Mayfield because he thinks it would be a good fit, because he’s heard that the team is high on the fiery quarterback or because that’s just the general part of the draft that he expects Mayfield to come off the board. Mock drafts are guesswork this time of year. Teams will fill needs in free agency, which starts a week from today, and that can change their whole list of priorities in the draft, which is still seven weeks away. Prospects will still have pro days and predraft visits. Draft boards will change significantly from now until late April. In other words, nobody knows much of anything about a team’s intent right now. And that’s especially true of the teams drafting in the middle or late in the first round because of the uncertainty about what all the teams ahead of them will do.