The Ravens won't be having any kind of competition at punter this summer; coach John Harbaugh's already made that clear. Punter Sam Koch will return for his eighth year as the team's punter, and now he's got a Super Bowl ring. Punters rarely get much notice in the NFL unless there's mistakes or troubles, and Koch hasn't had many of either since coming to the Ravens in 2006. But he did have some trouble in the post-season last year, struggling a bit as teams did much better with returns and his net punting average slipped. Since that came at the end of the season, it begs a number of questions, starting with-- was he injured? If so, that would explain some stuff as Koch's often-booming kicks didn't appear to have quite as much boom in them. But it's doubtful that would come out until training camp, if ever. That also probably helped opponents do better in the return department although the coverage team needs to help out the punter also in this situation, an area Harbaugh certainly understands as he was a long-time special teams coach.