If the NFL wants to add some excitement to the kickoff, then someone in the league might want to give John Harbaugh a call, because the Ravens coach has an idea that would definitely add some spice to the play. 

As you probably heard, the NFL approved several new kickoff rules this week in an effort to cut down on collisions and make the play safer. Not only would Harbaugh's idea accomplish both of those things, but it would also introduce a crazy new option: Kickers would be able to score on the play. 

Although Harbaugh is a fan of the new rules being implemented this year, he thinks the league should take things one step further and give kickers the chance to score one point by putting a kickoff through the uprights. 

"I think we did good," Harbaugh said of the new rules, via the Ravens' official website. "The only question I have is, 'Did we go far enough?' If we have to go a little further next year and incentivize the kickoff, the deep kickoff more, maybe we kick it out of the back of the end zone and put the ball at the 20 [-yard line]. Or maybe we take it another step and make it really fun for everybody: If we kick it through the uprights, you give the kicking team a point."

With kickoffs taking place at the 35-yard line, a kicker would have to knock the ball roughly 75 yards to get it through the uprights.