Bryant McKinnie isn’t ready to hand off his starting job and he is open to moving on from Baltimore if that’s the case. There are reports that the Ravens are expected to try to trade McKinnie with the arrival of Monroe. He was asked whether he would be want to stay in Baltimore as a backup. “We’ll have to see when the time comes” McKinnie said. “Maybe a trade. Who knows?” Shortly after the trade for left tackle Eugene Monroe was finalized McKinnie was asked whether he’ll have to adjust to being a backup again. “Who said that’s what I have to adjust to?” McKinnie said. “Maybe not so we don’t know yet.” McKinnie said the Ravens coaches haven’t told him he’s lost his starting job. He could be out there at left tackle this Sunday in Miami especially if Monroe can’t get a hold of the Ravens offense fast enough. “I’m just looking to go out there and play the best at my position and that’s it” McKinnie said. McKinnie got a phone call from the Ravens Tuesday giving him a head’s up that they were about to make a trade. “Yeah I’m kind of surprised” he said. “This is business so they’re going to do whatever is best for their business.”