Well then. Rasheed Wallace has been out for two months with a stress injury in his left foot. Folks have suspected all along that Sheed's injury might be something more grave like a fracture-- or at least might turn into something like that-- and, well, here we are: Chris Herring @HerringWSJ Knicks say Wallace has a "Jones fracture" to his right foot that requires surgery that should keep him out eight weeks. Update on Rasheed Wallace - X-rays showed progression to a fractured R 5th metatarsal. Surgery this week, recovery approximately 8 weeks. — Jonah Ballow (@jonahballow) February 27, 2013 Things: 1. The Knicks have since corrected it to the left foot. It was the left foot along. It would have been weird for the right foot to fracture, albeit kinda funny, especially if you imagine that the Knicks had been treating the wrong foot the whole time. 2. Eight weeks is the rest of the regular season, pretty much, and I just don't see Sheed making the speediest recovery possible. My guess is we've seen the last of Wallace in a Knicks uniform.