The Anaheim Ducks had one of the best records in the NHL last season, but unfortunately that success didn’t translate to significant financial gains by the team’s owners. Henry and Susan Samueli have continually stated their commitment to the Ducks, but they recently spoke with the Los Angeles Daily News about the team’s financial woes. “The only thing I’ll say is our losses are in the double-digit millions,” Henry Samueli said. Added Susan: “It would be nice to break even some day.” Losses in the double-digit millions? That’s noteworthy considering the Anaheim Ducks usually don’t spend up to the maximum allowed by the league’s salary cap. At this stage of the year, the Ducks have approximately $8 million in cap space, yet the team is still expected to post a financial loss. Last year, the Ducks ranked 20th in the NHL with an average attendance of 16,874. That’s a pretty disappointing number considering the team had the third-best record in the league with 109 points.