Jonas Valanciunas spent the day apologizing. He apologized to his teammates. He apologized to his general manager. He apologized to the president of the parent corporation. He even apologized to the chairman of the board of directors. What he didn’t do was address the media. That will come after he sits down with his lawyer, something else he had not done yet. Valanciunas is in this predicament because instead of ordering pizza, he decided to get into his car in the wee hours of Monday morning and head for a drive thru. It was going through that drive thru when an individual spotted open beer bottles in his car and placed a call to the local police with that information. Valanciunas was later tracked down at a nearby residence by police and charged with a DUI. Tuesday he was back at practice. For now the team is reserving judgment pertaining to any action they will take against the player. They’ll wait to get all the facts before they decide whether punishment is warranted here. As for Valanciunas, his first order of business yesterday at practice was to stand up in front of the team and ask all for forgiveness for bringing such negativity into the team. By all accounts, his apology was roundly accepted. “Very supportive,” Ujiri said of Valanciunas’ teammates’ reaction. “They poked a little fun at him. You know how it is with teammates, but everybody understands the seriousness of it. As for Jonas, I think these guys have taken to Jonas like a little brother.” Ujiri didn’t rule out future discipline, but for now Valanciunas is back on the court and will play in Wednesday’s game against Philadelphia.