No Raptor has been able to live up to the long shadow cast by Vince Carter, but for one night in Texas, Terrence Ross did his best. At the 2013 slam dunk contest, the Raptors rookie honoured the brightest star the franchise has known, throwing down a spectacular jam to open the finals while wearing a vintage replica of the jersey Carter wore in Oakland back in 2000. Though Carter won one of the greatest dunkoffs ever that time, this one won’t be fondly recalled by most — the first round was a bit of a disaster for all involved — but, still, as the event wore on, things picked up substantially and Ross had at least a couple of memorable moments, including dunking over a small child for his final jam. “I feel blessed, but it’s still overwhelming. Just trying to soak it all in,” said Ross afterward, large gold trophy sitting on the stage with him. As for the Carter jersey, which seemed fitting since Carter’s big night was remembered on the jumbotron right before the event started, with current all-stars reminiscing about the achievement? “I think it was just paying homage to guys who did this before me. DeMar’s (DeRozan) helped me a great deal, so I thought I’d kind of take his advice, kind of do something to honour (Carter).”