Dressing like Vince Carter would have been a nice gesture, but considerably more was required to serve as homage. Terrence Ross, the Toronto Raptors rookie, slipped on a Carter jersey and then performed one of Carter’s dunks spectacularly. With a memorable championship round performance, Ross flew over a small child — and the impressive slams of defending champion Jeremy Evans — to win the dunk contest Saturday at Toyota Center, receiving 58 percent of the vote. “I feel blessed, but it’s still overwhelming,” Ross said. “I’m just trying to soak it all in. “It was my favorite event to watch every year since I was a small child. But actually winning it, I never thought I’d do it. It’s been unbelievable.” Ross’ exuberance came through on the floor as he paid tribute to Carter and teammate DeMar DeRozan, and some of their top dunks before scoring 99 points with his first two dunks, taking one behind his back and another to a spinning, one-handed slam. After a rocky first few rounds marked by several dunks that proved as impossible as they seemed, the championship round took off. Evans got it started by completing a left-handed windmill while clearing a portrait of himself completing a left-handed windmill dunk. Ross then brought out the Carter jersey and Rockets rookie Terrence Jones, his high school teammate. Jones passed the ball off the side of the backboard, where Ross snared it, did a 360 and finished a slam worthy of nod to Carter.