It’s looking like the Toronto Raptors won’t be making much in the way of a significant roster move at the trade deadline, Sportsnet’s Michael Grange is reporting. According to the Raptors insider, the only move Toronto will make will be for a minor-level players leaving potential impact pieces such as Tyreke Evans or Rodney Hood out of the equation. It’s known that the Raptors could likely use some additional three-point shooting with the dip in production seen from Norman Powell this season and C.J. Miles missing more time than the team would like. However, according to Grange, a player like Evans won’t because his style of play doesn’t fit with Toronto’s ball-movement-happy play-style and the Raptors wouldn’t own his Bird rights, meaning locking him up long-term in the off-season would prove more challenging. In Hood’s case, the current Utah Jazz wing’s contract is likely too expensive for the Raptors’ tastes, Grange says.