And now we wait. We wait to see whether the challenge of turning around a Raptors franchise, not to mention a pay hike that is a once in a lifetime thing for only the most unique among us, is enough to offset whatever loyalty or sense of unfinished business is presumably pulling at Masai Ujiri to stay in Denver. By all accounts MLSE's Tim Leiweke has made his best pitch to the Nigerian-born Ujiri. Denver too has come in with its best pitch. Now it’s up to Ujiri. Stay with the team that gave him not just one, but two huge career breaks or return to Toronto where he earned his first management role going from head of international scouting to assistant general manager. Denver was the first NBA team to actually pay him for his basketball expertise. He was a non-paid scout for Orlando when Denver brought him into the fold. Four years later it was off to Toronto where he began as director of global scouting before being promoted to Bryan Colangelo’s assistant general manager. After signing on with Denver as the executive vice-president of basketball operations in 2010, Ujiri was named NBA executive of the year this season. Between them, Ujiri and Denver president Josh Kroenke used patience in the Carmelo Anthony sell-off to get the best possible deal. Both men have been very deliberate and thought out in all of their major moves in Denver. Is it at all likely that Ujiri suddenly changes and makes a snap decision. Career decisions like this one aren’t normally made quickly. Ujiri has been weighing the pros and cons of a move since either Friday or Saturday. The fact that it was a holiday in the U.S. on Monday may have held the decision back a day, but don’t be surprised if this one isn’t resolved as quickly as everyone is expecting it to be.