Well, it was not the first time the Toronto Raptors shocked the NBA world by drafting a little-known Brazilian player. How many franchises can say that? To be fair to Rafael Araujo, he was at least a somewhat familiar quantity when the Raptors selected him eighth overall in 2004. When NBA commissioner Adam Silver said the Raptors were selecting Bruno Caboclo, even people who had done a reasonable amount of research had no idea who that was. This was one of the weirdest picks in first-round history. This is Masai Ujiri’s first bold step in charge of the Raptors, and he could hardly get bolder. Although the ESPN broadcast made jokes about Caboclo being mentioned as the Brazilian Kevin Durant, it is clear that nobody knows much about the Raptors’ latest first-overall pick, save for the Raptors front office, and perhaps a few other stealthy teams out there. Nobody saw this coming, not even Yahoo Sports reporter Adrian Wojnarowski, who was spoiling picks on Twitter before they happened all night long.