With a protective splint wrapped all the way around his injured left ring finger, Kyle Lowry practiced Sunday for the first time since sustaining the injury last week. "It's very sore, it's very tender," Lowry said of the torn tendon in his finger, which will require him to wear the splint on his non-shooting hand for six weeks, still participating in practices and playing in games. "It is what it is. I've got to just adjust to it." The Raptors' guard left Wednesday's preseason game late in the fourth quarter after he felt his finger pop out while reaching for the ball. "Just not being able to completely use my finger," he said of the adjustment he'll need to make as he prepares to open the regular season with the team on Oct. 30. "It's pretty much taped all the way to the top so I'm limited to probably four fingers on that hand but I should be okay. I'll figure out how to shoot, score, pass and play defence with it." "It'll be a difficult adjustment but I'm not going to complain about it, I'm just going to fight through it and help the team as best as I can." Lowry, who is entering his second season in Toronto and the final year of his contract, acknowledged he'll have to be more cautious reaching in with the injury but insists his style of play will remain the same. "I doubt it's going to change my game because I don't know how to play any different," the starting point guard maintained. "So I'm not really going to be concerned about it, I'm just going to try to not worry about it and play through it." His coach echoed that sentiment. "I don't think he'll be limited at all," Dwane Casey said. "Today he had no problems. He had the special [splint] on there and he was handling the ball, shooting the ball, playing with no problems whatsoever, so I don't think it'll affect him."