As one would expect, the frustration within the Raptors locker room is growing. Kyle Lowry says rather than avoid it, he and his teammates have to use it. "You channel it in the right direction," Lowry said. "You let it hit you but you channel it the right way. You put it on the other team. Channel it into the scouting report. You do the things you can with it." Like all his teammates, Lowry is beyond upset, having lost eight of the past nine games, but it's not just the losing but the way they have lost that is so frustrating. "Some of these games we have given away," Lowry said. He believes the only way out of it is to stick together, stick with their core principles and find a way. "We all believe we can do one or two things that can take the team or give us something to help us win," Lowry said. "Right now, though, I think we have to play together. It's the only way we can get out of this freefall."