Delon Wright was mad that Wednesday night in New Orleans last month: Mad at himself, mad at what might be ahead and particularly mad at the Pelicans doctor who offered a too-quick prognosis. Wright had just injured his right shoulder again, caught up in a collision with the bulky DeMarcus Cousins and that ticked him off. “This one was me going in and trying to hit the ball from DeMarcus Cousins, which wasn’t very smart,” the Raptors guard said. “I was moreso mad at myself for putting myself in that situation.” The Raptors guard had already lost half a season to surgery on the same shoulder and he was miffed that it had happened again. “I was so mad at myself that I wasn’t worried about my arm. I was just worried about what was going to happen after that.” And when the prospect was presented to him by a Pelicans doctor that another surgery was in his future, the anger reached its apex. “Even the doctor was like, ‘You’re going to have to get surgery,’” Wright said Tuesday. “I was like, ‘we didn’t even get it checked out. How are you saying that?’ “That kind of made me a little mad, too. I didn’t need surgery, so I’m happy to be back.”