As another Toronto Raptors season crawls to its conclusion, a franchise teetering on irrelevance has a series of enormous decisions to make. There may not be any one right answer for Tom Anselmi and the board of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, but there is almost certainly a wrong one. The decisions, as they seemingly do at the end of every Raptors season, revolve around the general manager, Bryan Colangelo, and the coach, Dwane Casey. Colangelo has an option year remaining on his contract. Casey has one year left on his deal. And the team is forever paddling in circles, creating the occasional wave, but ending up nowhere in the end. The decision for Anselmi and the board isn’t in any way obvious, with the largest issue being the relationship between Colangelo and Casey. Colangelo did his best to distance himself from his coach early in the season and there has been all kind of internal speculation that the two can’t possibly work together again. That determination may wind up saving his job or costing him the position. Here’s the dilemma for Anselmi and the board: Do they use the option year on Colangelo’s deal and enable him an eighth season as general manager? Or do they have enough faith in Colangelo to reward him with a new contract, which would be based as much on blind faith and the fact he gives good board meetings as anything else? Anselmi and the board will decide on Colangelo. They will not decide on Casey. “The GM makes the call on the coach,” said Anselmi on Tuesday. Five years ago, the Raptors didn’t make the playoffs and won 33 games. This year, the Raptors didn’t make the playoffs and may win 33 games. In between was a whole lot of wasted time and talk of cap management, salary flexibility and development. Five years ago, for example, the New York Knicks won 32 games. This year, they won 53. The previous Raptors GM, Glen Grunwald, has done more efficient work in New York in a situation that seemed far worse than Toronto’s than the man who actually replaced him.