Greivis Vasquez left a big part of his heart in New Orleans when they shipped him off to Sacramento. A key member of a young and improving team, Vasquez had every reason to believe he had earned some loyalty from the Pelicans organization but it was not to be. This was his first time back in New Orleans as a member of the Raptors and he made sure to leave his calling card. Watching him suffer through a mostly horrid first quarter by the Raptors from the bench, it was clear he wanted this game pretty badly. He admitted as much after the game. “This is a very special place for me because they gave me the key,” Vasquez said. “They labelled me a starting point guard. They gave me a chance to showcase my game. So I do thank coach Monty Williams, his coaching staff and management for giving me an opportunity. But I was really angry when they traded me too. I know it’s part of the business so that makes it a little sour when you come back but you always want to beat your former team.” Vasquez admitted he was kicking himself a little for a poor first half, but put that behind him in the fourth when he played all but 16 seconds of the final quarter and helped his team to victory. “I was blessed enough to be out there at the end of the game,” Vasquez said. “I’ve been wishing I could get out there at the end of these games and (Casey) gave me an opportunity. I had a rough first half and then the second half I was on a mission. I like close games. I’m not afraid. I would never be afraid. I am the type of player who would risk everything.” It was Vasquez with five consecutive points that in a 36-second span with two minutes to go that moved a tied game to a five-point Raptors lead they would not relinquish.