Andrea Bargnani’s blighted season — and likely his career as a Raptor — ended Wednesday as the team shut him down for the season. Bargnani missed 26 games earlier in the year with wrist and elbow injuries. He’s now suffered a new injury in the same elbow — an “avulsion sprain” — that will sideline him 3-4 weeks. Since the season ends in five weeks, there will be no attempt to get him back into the squad. He will remain in Toronto for the time being to rehab. That process is considered straight forward, though it’s hard not to notice that time has begun to wear on all of the 27-year-old’s lengthy levers. Over the last two seasons (one lockout shortened), Bargnani will have missed 99 games with a triage unit’s worth of injuries. The question going forward is how this affects the Italian’s trade value, already down in ‘dresser missing drawers’ territory. “Dating back to all the conversation at the trade deadline, nothing’s changed,” GM Bryan Colangelo said Wednesday. “He’s part of this team, and until he’s not part of this team we’re going to view him as a piece that is a talented player. Again, somewhat of an enigma that we’ll try to get the most out of.”