An NBA coach gets fired and 29 of his brethren exhale and think, “There but for the grace of God and an eight-game losing streak go I.” Because they all know they are basically hired to be fired, and that nothing lasts forever. But there are some who might feel just a little bit more comfortable than the others — not entirely fat and happy, because the Grim Reaper can arrive at a moment’s notice — because they know there are people with bigger titles and more responsibility who are willing to give them a break every now and then and support. Always support. Like Raptors coach Dwane Casey. When the Memphis Grizzlies fired David Fizdale on Monday, it sent shockwaves around the league. A good, young head coach — with a team rife with injuries and missing three key players that set it on an unconventional rebuilding plan — getting let go less than a quarter into the season has a way of catching the attention of confreres like few other things. Casey, however, has the continued support of ownership and upper management, and that’s at least a bit comforting. “You have ownership; you have Masai (Ujiri, the team president; you have Bobby (Webster, the general manager); you had Jeff (Weltman, Webster’s predecessor) here for a long time ago. (They’re in) your corner,” Casey said. “If there’s anything to do with holding players accountable, they have your back. That’s the most important thing we’ve had, a consistent culture. That’s culture.