Boy, some of you got pretty riled up with the Babcock/Hammond thing yesterday, didn’t you? Was just a thought/comment that seemed timely since I saw John for the first time in a while the other night. But since you liked that . . . What, pray tell, have been the four mostly ownership/management mistakes of the past decade or so? And I’m only going back that far because before that, the franchise was basically irrelevant. So, whatcha got? I’ve got these, in no particular order. Firing Glen Grunwald Made no sense, it wasn’t necessary and it started things on a terribly slippery slope into oblivion for a while. Glen had to put up with KO as his coach — a hire that had as much to do with the wishes of people above him than anything else — and the team wasn’t that bad at all. There was no reason to do it. Trading Vince Carter In no small part because of the horrible package they got but also because ONE NIGHT EARLIER Carter had spoken to his coaches in an attempt to work things out for the better. One night earlier!!! It wasn’t as if the team was horrible, it wasn’t as if the deadline was upon them and they had to do something quick to fix an entirely unworkable situation. It was a panic move, pure and simple, or a move to teach the kid a lesson or something like that; it was ridiculous because he was, at that time, one of the biggest assets they had and they minimized it. Gave it away. Having no roster replacement in place made it even more shockingly bad.