Yes, I thought Andrea Bargnani was playing scared, as I mentioned the other day, and I thought — and at some level still think — there is a role for him. But after the dog of a game last night, he’s got to be running out of chances with everyone concerned. And that’s teammates and coaches, some of whom are starting to cast a furtive eye in his direction. I know Bargnani is never going to be — nor was he ever — a high-intensity guy but the loafing you saw last night is simply unprofessional and unacceptable and if he starts to lose his teammates and coaches as supporters, it’s over. No one – yet – wants him benched but he needs to at least show more effort than he did last night. He was okay in the effort department the other night against Washington — he looked engaged and just missed good shots — but last night it looked like he was off in some other area code. The kid is turning into his own worst enemy, those on the staff and the roster who supported him are not all that enthralled any more and if their support goes, he’s done. He’s close but it’s now up to him to make amends. Can he? I’m dubious.